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Living with Courage

Lessons from the Life of Daniel

by Bill Crowder

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Reflect on your own choices and discover how you can serve God.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Language English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 112

Product Description


How can you live a life of devotion to God when you are surrounded by a culture that is often hostile to truth and faith? The Old Testament character Daniel stands as a shining example of a man who lived with devotion, courage and faith in a culture shaped by a set of values and priorities that were vastly different from his own.

Taken captive by the Babylonians and transported to a foreign land and culture hundreds of miles from his home in Jerusalem, Daniel experienced the challenge of living out his faith in just such a culture. In that place, God used Daniel mightily, and Daniel courageously lived out the convictions of his faith.

Daniel had no idea what the outcome of his life would be. He knew God’s promises and power, but he didn’t know God’s plan. He only knew that he wanted to live a life of obedience that honoured his God, no matter what the situation or circumstances, no matter what the trial or temptation.

Today, in our own culture, we are called to be the Daniels of our generation. We can either be poured into the mould of our culture, or, like Daniel, we can use the darkness as an opportunity to reflect the light of our God.

As you read Living with Courage you’ll be encouraged to reflect on your own choices and discover how you can serve God with courage and devotion in your generation.