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Defending the Gospel

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This book will be a great help for anyone looking for better answers.

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Additional Information

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ISBN: 978-1-92106-826-3
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Pages: 140
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Kel Richards writes:

'I was a very young radio announcer (probably all of about 19) at a country station. Standing in the record library of the local radio station in Armidale, in northern New South Wales, I heard the other young announcer beside me say, "Religion is just for people who need a crutch". It floored me for a moment. And then I thought of how to reply: "No it's not!" was my intellectually and theologically powerful response'.

With humour and warmth, ABC broadcaster Kel Richards explains how, over the years, he has managed to improve on his answer. Kel uses the popular gospel outline Two Ways to Live to help anticipate a number of the questions that our non-church friends may have about what Christians believe. This book will be a great help for anyone looking for better answers.


Staff Review:

God is God, and God’s interests must (obviously) be vastly wider than ours, and far beyond ours. We are only interested in things that get our attention or attract our interest. But we are not God. We must not assume that a mind big enough to make a universe is as limited as ours.” 

Defending the Gospel by Kel Richards tackles the most common obstacles we face when telling people the Gospel. He explains why we should defend the Gospel and that we need to do a lot of work ourselves to be able to do this. Richards helpfully acknowledges that we all fail and that we will always think of the “right” things to say after the event, however, with this book hopefully those times will be greatly reduced! This book covers the main objections and obstacles that we all come up against: the evidence for Jesus as Lord; the evidence for the resurrection; and the age-old debate of science vs. Christianity. Richards reminds us that this argument is really concerned with purpose vs. process, and although science explains the process of something, it does not allow us to understand the purpose (why it happens). Science is just a way to get sidetracked into unnecessary arguments that detract from telling the Gospel. With chapter headings such as: Defending sin, Defending judgement and Defending the challenge this book takes you from the Fall through the New Creation, touching on big topics like: Religion, Church and Suffering. Even if you don’t use this information immediately, this book is useful in building our own faiths up as it is great that we have so much evidence for Christianity!


This book is helpful because it is short and easy to understand but tackles all aspects of defending the Gospel. It has a summary section at the end of each chapter to help recap the material you have just read. It also includes the Gospel outline Two Ways to Live, which is a very easy method of explaining the Gospel.