Parent or Friend?

Transitioning from Parent to Friend with Your Adult Child

by Mary Ann Froehlich

Foster a healthy friendship with your adult child based upon love, respect, and trust.

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For adolescents the transition into adulthood simply means independence. However, for parents it marks a major change in relationship from a nurturing caregiver to an adult friend. How do you foster a healthy friendship that not only provides encouragement, but also enables maturity? How do you gently but firmly let go?

With honesty and creativity, Mary Ann Froehlich offers wisdom from the Word and practical principles to help you make the shift. Using Jesus’ relationship with the twelve disciples as a model, she encourages you to point your child toward God as the ultimate and unchanging parent.

Gain a fresh perspective on a parent-child relationship based on love, respect and trust as you allow God to fulfil His purpose in your child’s life. Discover how becoming a friend to your adult child can be one of the most delightful experiences of parenthood.
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ISBN: 978-1-57293-451-1
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PubDate 1 Jan 2013
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