Author Guidelines


The goal of Discovery House Publishers is to publish books that feed the soul with the Word of God, fostering growth and godliness in the lives of God’s people.

Kinds of books published

We publish books of general interest to evangelical Christian lay readers that are written at a junior high/high school reading level. Our list includes devotional books, Bible study materials and reference books, books about the spiritual life, commentaries, personal growth books, and books that address contemporary issues that believers face. We do not publish children’s books, curriculum, plays, skits, poetry, sermons, short stories, cartoons, cookbooks, autobiographies, dissertations, games, novels, or textbooks. We only use internal resources for greeting cards.

How to submit a book proposal to Discovery House

We prefer that you submit your manuscript to one of two writing services: The Writer’s Edge, available both online and in print, or, an online service of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. We subscribe to both of these services and regularly review the proposals that appear there, as do many other Christian publishers. These organizations can be reached at the following addresses:

On the web:

Writer’s Edge Manuscript Service

On the web:
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1266, Wheaton, IL  60189

If you wish to submit your work for our review, send a query letter to Manuscript Review Editor, Discovery House Publishers, P.O. Box 3566, Grand Rapids, MI  49501. Your query letter should include information about you (contact information, present position, educational background, your qualifications for writing on the topic); manuscript title; a list of previous publications; anticipated manuscript length (number of words); anticipated manuscript completion date; a summary description; and a detailed table of contents or outline of the material.

If we find your proposal to be of interest for our publishing program, we will then invite you to submit your manuscript for our further review.

It is possible to submit your proposal electronically as a Word document to Type “Attention: manuscript review editor” in the subject line.

If we invite you to submit

Your manuscript should be neatly typed, double spaced on white 8 ½" by 11" paper printed on one side only. Photocopies are acceptable. Be sure to keep a copy of the manuscript for your files. You may also submit your material electronically as a Word document.

Discovery House’s response to your work

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for a response from our manuscript review editor. If our evaluation of your proposal is favorable, we will invite you to submit your manuscript. Other qualified readers will then evaluate your manuscript and determine whether to recommend it to our publishing committee. The committee will make a final decision based on the reviewers’ reports; whether the manuscript contributes to Discovery House’s publishing goals; its biblical accuracy; its power to instruct and encourage God’s people; the quality of the writing; and the manuscript’s relevance to today’s world. If we decide to publish your book, we will issue a contract that clearly defines the publishing arrangements. We will agree to cover costs of publishing and promoting the book as well as paying you royalties on copies sold.

We welcome your inquiry about publishing with Discovery House Publishers. If we can be of further assistance, please call or write us.

Discovery House Publishers
P.O. Box 3566
Grand Rapids, MI  49501

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